Sunday, 4 September 2011

Getting Digi Wiv It

First off, apologies for being absent for so long.  The summer is always such a busy period and with the kids at home too I'm lucky I get time to sleep.  But I did manage to find time, at long last, to start having a play with a couple of the (many!) digital stamps I've got.  Kenny K digi's seem to be all the rage at the moment so I started with them.  First I did Devilish Donna who just had to be done in purple first, of course!

Then I did Scarlett West because I am loving Steampunk right now.  Can't wait to get her onto a card.

She's got some dodgy erasing around her as she scanned with a shadow because she was already cut out so don't pay attention to that bit :)

I was pretty happy with them for a first attempt but let me know what you think as I always appreciate your feedback.

 Mani xxx


Sue said...

I love Devilish Donna but find it strange that she has eyebrows showing over the hair, not the first i've noticed like that.
Sue x

Drusilla Designs said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I didn't notice until I was colouring her in. Maybe she's really in shock? lol

Eileen said...

Kenny k Images are supert and these both look great... My Favourite it Devilish Donna ...looking forward to the cards you make ...BTW, I have laminated my bookmark and I use it everyday .... reading about Ellen MacArthur at the moment, so think of you each time I find my page !!

Eileen said...

* Super* even doh!

Drusilla Designs said...

Oh Eileen, your post really made me smile x
I think Devilish Donna is my fav too, she looks so sweet & angelic yet dark & mischevious. Kinda reminds me of my kids lol. She'll have to wait for her card tho as I have finally admitted that the christmas stock must be made first :(

shells-crafts said...

love these images. must invest in some.